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Chapter 1:  Skills examining Dial, Case and Band

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Demo: Rolex Precision oysterdate ref 6694 with matt black gilt gold dial

Photo 1: About 1978 matt black gilt gold dial ref 6694

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Commonly used jargons:

Production year:

It is easy to track the production year of a Rolex. Google "Rolex production year" and you can find several unofficial charts showing the details.

Please be noted that these are unofficial statistic from watch fans ONLY. It is good for easy reference. BUT, it may NOT be 100% correct.

Photo 2:

Take out the lug of the upper portion. The watch reference number can be seen.

A 10X magnifier is recommended for examining the numbers.

Basic requirement: Clear and can be seen easily.

Photo 3:

Taking off the lug at the power portion, the serial numbers can be seen

Same requirement: The clearer the image, the better it is.

This watch is 5.69 million which is dated about 1978


 supplementary photo showing clean and clear numbers and words.


        (another supplementary photo for demo)


From about 2010, Rolex starts using a random serial system. The serial numbers are engraved inside the watch ring beneath the watch covers.

At the beginning, watch reference and serial numbers and kept at their respective positions. Later, Rolex only keeps engraving the watch reference numbers on the upper portion. The serial numbers disappeared.



Rolex dials are basically classified into TWO categories: Glossy (Lacquer) and Matt

This chapter focus on matt dial.

Photo 4

The ground color is a bit dull in reflection. It won't show a shiny surface.

Photo 5 (from another Rolex 6694; DT ref: 669480302 about 1981):

Under 10X magnifier you can see:

a) the black ground color looks a bit dull in tone

b) small pores on surface can be seen

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Photo 6:

Due to time aging, the oil and liquid element of the dial volatile.

Degree of volatilization depends on how the owner used and stored the watch.

This watch probably was used in a sunny environment and kept in a relatively dry place.

The degree of volatilization of this watch is heavier than Photo 1 watch.

Watch of photo 1 is 1978. Theoretically should be more rough on surface than a 1981 watch IF used and placed under the same environment.

However, the dial surface of Photo 6 shows rougher and with bigger pores.


Supplementary photo: This photo clearly shows the matt condition of the dial.

from watch dt2280

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P. 3

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