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This ebook was first written in Chinese in 2018. It was translated into English in Sep 2023.

My first vintage watch was bought in 1989. I started selling on ebay and renowned watch forums since 1999. is my web shop.

My Chinese blog is :

This ebook is a consolidation of my 30 years vintage watch experience focusing on:

1. How to start buying and playing vintage Swiss watch especially Rolex, Tudor, Omega, etc..

2. How to differentiate authentic original dial and repainted dial.

3. How to avoid buying in FAKE vintage watch.

4. How to select high condition vintage Swiss watch.

5. Numerous high definition photos for reference.

6. Simple and concise description for easy understanding.

Only USD12.80 per copy and let's starting an amazing Swiss vintage watch journey.

50 chapters total 1774 pages with over 5000 HD photos (including external Google photos).

Definitely a good handbook for vintage watch lovers.

Some examples are:

Rolex OysterDate ref 6694

Matt Black Gilt Gold Dial

Chapter 1 is FREE for online  Trial Read

About 1977~ Rolex ref 6694

Glossy Blue Gilt gold dial

About 1971 Rolex DateJust ref 1601

Glossy Brown Dial white Letters


About 1979 Rolex Stainless Steel ref 1601

Wide Boy Dial

Rolex Submariner ref 14060M

About 2006 with Card and Tag

Rolex Submariner ref 16610

About 2003 with Paper

About 1992 Tudor Jumbo Size

Submariner 40mm case ref 79090

About 1980 Tudor Blue Dial DateDay

ref 70170, 38mm case Jumbo

About 1969 1st generation Shield Logo

DateDay ref 7019/0, 38mm case

Tons of HD photos and my 30-years-experience mixed together as an easy to understand reference guide book.

SUPER fun to start an interesting and exciting voyage for collecting vintage Swiss watch.

This is a Free trial html version including:

A. Preface

B. Content catalogue explaining the structure of this ebook.

C. Whole Chapter 1 showing basic and useful skills for examining vintage watch.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of vintage watches with my ebook!

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This is a Free online trial version. Please buy Full PDF version USD12.80!

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"DT Vinatgae Watch Photo Guide" / "DT Rolex Vintage Watch Guide"


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This is a Free online trial version. Please buy Full PDF version USD12.80!

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